Re: Re: Rajoy embroiled in new corruption allegations.



I’ve never been banned from any forum and as for losing credibility, how can you lose it for telling the truth? Politely, at that.

I’m one of a million expats living happily in Spain, we all know a few who have returned to the UK because it didn’t work out for them, but I’ve only ever come across three who have returned and then post pure vitriol, over and over again about a country they once lived in.

Worse than that, they turn nasty, collectively, whenever someone, anyone, posts good news about Spain. It’s weird, uncanny and unreal – and smacks of something totally alien to normal people.

Another member of this forum posted some good news about Spain and the same three heroes exposed his real identity with great glee, repeatedly.

Moi? They want to report me to the police for admitting paying black money to a Spanish builder. Perhaps, while they’re at it, they could report 45 million Spanish people for doing the same thing.

Maybe they tried it while living here? It would explain their absence from the country.