Re: Re: Rajoy embroiled in new corruption allegations.



I agree with Mr Burke’s famous saying and I’m scratching my head to consider what I can personally do with this corruption all around me. It’s everywhere.

I’ve got pirate TV to allow us to watch BBC and ITV, my wife likes the soaps, I could cancel it but she would not be pleased. I have a large music collection pirated from the internet, I suppose I could throw all that away, but I wouldn’t half be miserable without my music. I can’t even mention my copy of Windows in case Mr Gates is watching.

I pay black money wherever I go, like everyone else, I could stop doing that, I suppose. My toilet would still be blocked, the weeds in the garden would be ten feet high and the swimming pool would turn brown. My car would no longer go. I could go on.

But I’m a good man and want to do something to help. I’m off out for morning coffee and I’m thinking of not tipping the waitress. Maybe I should grass her up for working black?