Re: Re: Rajoy embroiled in new corruption allegations.


But that sums up the problem with Spain doesn’t it, that it just doesn’t make much sense at the moment? (has it ever?)


Andrew and Andrea want to have their villa repainted. They have 600 euros set aside for the job.

They ask cash in hand Paco for a price, he says 550 euros.

They ask Legit S.L. and they say that it will cost 800 euros.

Who would you choose and who should you choose?

Cash in hand guy is probably on the dole but gets very little money, and the dole runs out and then he’ll have nothing. He may have children etc.

Legit S.L. owner is probably struggling to keep his business afloat and has to pay national insurance and other taxes. If he goes under he won’t get the dole (I think, isn’t it the case with business owners/self employed that they don’t get the dole?). So if he looses his company he will also be in dire straits and his children will suffer.

So it’s a black and white case. It’s up to each and every one of us. If times are tough then most people, if given the chance, would go for the cheaper option wouldn’t they? It’s not right but if you go out for number one you go out to protect yourself and pay less don’t you?

Just add lots of zeros for bigger jobs and you can see how cash in hand is still probably King out there. Large companies being run for years doing it. ?