Re: Re: Putting in an offer on an Apartment

Fuengi (Andrew)

@shakeel wrote:

In Spain the agents commission gets loaded onto which is substancial as appose to Uk of 1.-1.50%. The cost of agents commission of say 5% can create pricing issues.

Bit of a groos generalisation here. If the agency does their job properly, they simply state at what price the property can be sold and the commission is included within that. This not the boom anymore where vendor want X and the agent has to put their commission on top.

@shakeel wrote:

Finally in UK the price varies due to various local issues, Schools, open spaces, Council Tax & services etc. In spain it done by M2 irrespective if the property is facing a dump or have a scenic view.

Again that is the same here. M2 prices vary quite dramatically based on location. Most of this is reflected quite nicely in official valuations