Re: Re: Putting in an offer on an Apartment


It also depends on areas in the UK. When we were looking to buy again in the UK. we were quickly outbidded on the first 3. One sold for £50,000 more than asking price. A relatvie recently sold a house in the netherlands within 3 days! Spain is different. To offer 40% less you need to have a knowledge of the property and it’s owners. Are they desperate to sell? How long has the house been on the market? Has it already been reduced?

I have friends in marbella who have had a property on sale for cerca 3 years. They were asking 975,000 euro and have gradually reduced it to 695,000. I think they may accept about 645,000 but wouldn’t consider ridiculous offers even though they are keen to sell. A property that has been on the market for some time is likely to have already been reduced a bit. Spanish sellers rarely reduce by much. In the 90’s we decided to put in an offer for a villa owned by a Spaniard. Offered 2 million pesetas less which was minimal. He came back with a 2M increase on the original price. 😮