Re: Re: Putting in an offer on an Apartment


@shakeel wrote:

I am surprised with the remarks that has been made like “not serious, complete time wasters” etc. There is no need to take it personaly, you were not going to marry the person & should not personaly feel devalued by their offer. These kind of remarks shows that one is neive about the market, whatever the commodity is.

Sorry, but if I had a property on the market for 200.000 euros and someone offered me 100.000 euros, I would tell them to stick their offer where the sun don’t shine (talking about sun, where the hell has the sun gone in the uk, god the weather is crap here!)
And I would see them as completely trying it on.
I am yet to hear of someone who has succesfully purchased a property in Spain at 50% off the asking price.
If anyone on here has, please come forward 🙂

I bet the location was sh** if they did!