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Fuengi (Andrew)

@shakeel wrote:

“Bit of a groos generalisation here.”
I would have thought its obvious that this thread and many others here are general discussion & not specific cases.

But you imply that is how all agencies work, which is not the case.

@shakeel wrote:

Here I am talking specifically. I had my property valued & it was based on M2. It is in a very well maintaned development, all facilities, less than 200 meters from the beach & infact once in there one would not even need a car if one does not wishes.

The survey was based on local M2 ( the company which carried out the survey are well respected, what ever that means in Spain ) I did ask him about the above factors which would make price difference. While on the subject of valuation his valuation came to the nearest €.

The company would have valued your property based on m2, yes. And would take into account the previous valuations done on the complex, yes. But any valuation i have seen done by a serious company, takes into account the urbanisation, the property itself, and the surroundings. Normally the documents you receive (yours as you have to pay for them) take into account building density in the area, age of building, age, views, light in apartment, state of community, road access, building qualities, build/finish, community services, local infrastructure, etc…. i also should compare it to similar properties in similar complex nearby. That is why normally a valuation is about 20 odd pages.

@shakeel wrote:

Curious, that valuation is not a perfect science and in a Country where everything is “mas o minus” their valuation was to the nearest € and not to nearest hundred or thousand..

again I am surprised, referring all valuations that i can remember, it is to the centimo.