Re: Re: Putting in an offer on an Apartment


“Bit of a groos generalisation here.”
I would have thought its obvious that this thread and many others here are general discussion & not specific cases.

“M2 prices vary quite dramatically based on location.”

Here I am talking specifically. I had my property valued & it was based on M2. It is in a very well maintaned development, all facilities, less than 200 meters from the beach & infact once in there one would not even need a car if one does not wishes.

The survey was based on local M2 ( the company which carried out the survery are well respected, what ever that means in Spain ) I did ask him about the above factors which would make price difference. While on the subject of valuation his valution came to the nearest €.

Curious, that valuation is not a perfect science and in a Country where everything is “mas o minus” their valution was to the nearest € and not to nearest hundred or thousand..