Re: Re: Property prices shown on rightmove website



I was being sarcastic, not sure if that was picked up lol.


250 words to say you ‘Think property is double what it should be”

I mean was it really necessary to explain “In other words, you should pay half” really? That is what double means?

Or “if a property is 100k you should pay 50k” really? 50k is half of 100k?

I havent LOL’d over a forum thread so much in years.

You dont feel you should add any facts to back this up?

I mean i feel my local bus is double what I think it should be, I think i should pay half of the actual price, that is i think i should pay 1.50 not 3.00. For no other reason than my personal opinion. Understand? In fact all buses are twice what they should be, countrywide, because this one bus i feel is double what it should be, that is all buses should be half the price, that is 50% of what it is now. So half of a whole or 2 quarters of if you still don’t understand half… maybe 2.5 fifths of a whole would help?