Re: Re: Property prices in Spanish sunbelt regions fall by 15%


Chris M

@garysfbcn wrote:

Chris, while you are using Google, try Bruno Powroznik. It is quite enlightening.

Yep, I see that, and I just hate the idea of rising to the bait and giving any level or semblance of credence to this guy at all, and I can’t quite believe I would complain to the moderator – it is just a web forum – I get that, but some stuff you just can’t let pass.

Then also, when you look at the main page list of threads, you begin to wonder whose forum this is really and then sadly question the value of it, any right minded person reading what was posted yesterday will never come back if they don’t know the background.

Arrgghhh, this site has effectively been hijacked, which in a weird way, from a commercial perspective I kind of should be happy about. But I am not.

You keep posting Gary, again more power to you, but I can’t live with this sick individual anymore and if he is going to continue posting, then I have to give up really. And I hope the moderator Googles your comment on the above name, cos surely enough has to be enough really. I have emailed the moderator my views, will hang in there for a few days am sure am not alone here.