Re: Re: Property prices in Spanish sunbelt regions fall by 15%


Chris M

@Rocker wrote:

Aren’t you the guy from Viva’s? Please tell us you’re now a scriptwriter for Monty Python. You can turn hypocrisy on its head and probably believe what you write, but please just step back and consider.

Deep down, I think you’re quite a funny guy.

Who I am is very clear and open. And I have said a number of things on this forum that I wish I hadn’t, we all make mistakes and some of us know how to apologise.

What was said by Jakesuper to GaryBCN was vile in the extreme, and he is now trying to bury this thread and his words earlier in the post with re-edits plus these bizarre images and countless other posts today.

The fact that he is supported by you finding his comments acceptable and comparing GaryBCN’s response to being just something as ‘silly’ is outrageous.

Jakesuper is a grotesque, and sadly is going a long way to destroying this forum, which is sad for those of us who read and don’t much comment, but what he had to say personally was horrific and very serious.

So shame on you once again, that you can’t even come up with even a half decent put down to my post is fine by me, but think what this all says about you really?

I am not interested in JS per se, I think it is a mistake to feed the troll, but he really shouldn’t be on here any more, and nor should you.