Re: Re: Property prices in Spanish sunbelt regions fall by 15%


@Rocker wrote:

All this nonsense seems to originate from Jake writing that he doesn’t like poofs. I don’t agree with him but respect his right to say so.

You keep saying that. No, that isn’t the problem AT ALL. In this topic thread, which was supposed to be about prices falling 15%, Jake posted about a Syrian woman. Nothing about homosexuality at all. Stay on topic, that’s all I’m asking. If you or Jake want to post something nasty about gays, put it in a new topic, in All Other Subjects. Ditto for what turns-on you or Jake about women, men, goats and other terribly frightened barnyard animals. 🙂

There was a few times when I was about to refer an acquaintance to one of the topic threads here, but the threads degenerated into something 100% unrelated the topic and was somewhat disgusting so I decided that it was better that I don’t.

Anyway, this isn’t my blog, but neither is it yours. But it is too bad that people are not forced to stay on topic.