Re: Re: Property prices in Spanish sunbelt regions fall by 15%


@Rocker wrote:

For Christ sake, we’re in cyberspace. It contains some useful information at times, but because of its nature it’s also home to an assortment of weirdoes writing nonsense.

That is why I prefer a more aggressively moderated blog. Maybe if people could confine their posts to the topics (even allowing for calling other posters “idiots” for their posts about the topic) this would be a better blog. And if someone wants to talk discuss sexy women, ugly women, the time they saw really big boobs, those awful homosexuals, etc, they can discuss those topics in ‘All Other Subjects’ section.

As you seem to be offended because I am offended by death threats on someone’s blog linked here, please feel free to add me to your ignore list. Finally, while I’m sure that in your mind, prisons somewhere are overcrowded, bursting at the seams with people ‘wasting police time’, please know that it is only your imagination.