Re: Re: Property prices


@logan wrote:

Mmmm, 35% off asking price on the CDS right now for 4 apartments looks a poor deal to me. Especially if you take a hit on the dollar/Euro rate.
I would seek at least 50% reduction for a multiple purchase.

Has anyone on here ever actually managed to knock a seller down by 50% off the asking price??? I mean who in their right mind would put an asking price on a property with a view to selling it for half the price.

I mean that sounds way too low to me, if someone offered me that off the price I have my property listed I wouldn’t even bother replying to them, I would see them as trying it on and to be honest I would tell them where to stick their ridiculous offer.

I would love to hear from anyone who has actually managed to knock of 50% off an asking price. 30% maybe, but even that is high off an asking price.

You might as well just put it through an auction or hand the keys back.