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@sunwind wrote:


just my 2cents from a german who will visit CBL at the weekend with the intention to look for a holiday home (again, like for 2 years now).

Asking Prices have fallen dramaticly over this period and I´m happy that I ´didn´t decide to buy during that period. 8)

Examples ?
Asking Price(same properties) last year till summer this year, 395K now 275K, 340 now 199 and so on.

But the question of course is, decide now or is there still room for “improvement” ?
Who knows ?

And it´s right most of the sellers are british and they want to go back to the u.k. 😳


sellers maybe british but i think its more a case of having to go back than wanting to,we have seen more of an effect during the downturn than others in the euro zone due to the weak exchange rates