Re: Re: Property in France will become much cheaper than in Spai



I haven’t said categorically that UK property prices will rise, only that IMO French property prices may not rise like the UK’s.

True, all property bubbles burst, but it then comes down to supply and demand and whilst prices in the UK outside of London and suburbs and a few other hot spots are holding their own, many properties outside these areas are stabilising if not falling but not to the extent of many overseas markets, especially Spain’s. A shake out in the UK is no bad thing, there will be opportunities and for 1st time buyers to get on the ladder.

Supply and demand in the UK means there is often a false market in real terms, however historically the UK appears to buck the trend, or climbs again quicker than most. There’s no comparison really.

France is so different from Spain, I don’t remember France having anything like the boom that Spain had, and then followed by bust. I don’t think people can buy in France though to make quick profits, it’s not that sort of market. To buy relatively safely in France one has to stick to Provence mainly outside of the large Cities, but this is just my opinion.

There are less profitable opportunities in the UK than say a few years ago. 🙄

Jake, ‘better beaches and countryside in Spain than France’? This is down to individual choice both have great but different countryside, yes the weather is better but the drive to France is quicker, for’s and against’s everywhere. 🙄