Re: Re: Property expenses


I note that you are inquiring about household expenses in Barcelona or similar cities
My Spanish Property is located 90mins from Barcelona in a beatiful,well run city with wonderful amenities(it is a hidden jewel,we wish to keep it that way,wild horses would not drag the name of city from me)
My property is a top floor one-bedroom 40 sq metres flat in a converted house(no lift)in a dream location in the city centre,with 6 flats in total ,2 on each floor
I use it for 4-5 months each year,generally between March and October
My running costs are under €2,000 a year,as follows
1.Electricity €320 per annum
2.Water charge €150 pa
3.IBI €95 pa
4.Refuse €122 pa
5.Orange broadband,Tv,phone €500 pa
6.Community charges €120 pa(not a typing error!)
7.Community insurance €100pa
8.Private contents Insurance €150
9.Bank charges €50
10.IRNR+solrs fee €150
I purchased for €120k in June 2007-I estimated at the time that a similar property in Barcelona would have cost about €230k
I am a single male individual (retired )
Some of these charges are low(no lift to maintain,valor catastral not recently revised)but if you buy carefully it should be possible to get away with annual running costs of €2,500 region in a city near Barcelona-(6 months usage) -running costs in Barcelona itself could be very high
Even in the present difficult situation I would be astounded if €100k would get you anything acceptable in Barcelona
It would,however,secure you a very nice apartment in a city in Catalonia,offering a very good quality of life and easy access to the great city when desired