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Thanks for the response. Therefore if we add another 1’200 Euros for maintenance / service charges, the total property expenses will mount approximately to 3’650 Euros per year for a non resident and a 100’000 Euros worth appartment. So for 6 months living in Spain, the cost will be 600 Euros per month plus depreciation / amortization of your investment. Well Spain is not that cheap any more.


I live with my partner and 2 children (young). as you can imagine with young children you bills tend to be high. Yet my bills tend to be about 100€.
By IBI is about 550,
Basura, 90€
maintenace/service charge in my case 80 per month. But depending on the community and what it offers it could be 20€ per month or run into the hundreds.

But as you are looking/thinking about buying in a major metropolitan area, I would assume your local taxes could be quite a bit higher.