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@angela wrote:

Hi Liam10uk,

No I don’t mean rent for several months at a time even if you are over for a week or two – go to the different areas and visit them. I know when I was buying I researched different areas and bought books and when I went there then it was like exactly what is said on the tin. When we went to buy we went to look at where we bought now and we went to look at another place in Campomar because we feel in love with the beach but it was further out – eventually we got good advice – were told that where the beach was it was more like a ghost town in winter – but where we bought there would always be plenty of life around and better if we wanted to rent.


Yeah, thats what we are planning on doing going out there over the next year as many times as it takes to try to check out the areas and weigh up all the opinions, then try to to come kind of informed decision.

Where do you buy in the end?