Re: Re: Profile of Spanish house-hunters


Hum, not bad compilation but in all honesty this report can only be viewed as a Spaniards interest in Madrid housing (the numbers were so low for everywhere else).
So my take way was continued weakness & price drops, here’s why;
– The drop in interest (May – Nov) from 2 more knowledgeable and best equipped buying groups (Business Owners and Functionaries). Strange, employees were wanting to buy.
– The size of the transaction & talk of financing (in a European Capital). Only slightly greater than 20% showed interest above 200,000. Seriously!! In the Capital where you have the highest or close to the highest salaries, supposedly the better job market, job potential etc. 200,000 is so low that of course the amount of financing is low too.. There are still so few homes with 3 bedrooms built inside of the M40 in the last 10 years that are below that price, let alone the M30.
(this is no insult to anyone, but for a Capital where the ‘active’ buyers are looking for such a low amount, you know there is no healthy demand and you know the current sellers are still way over that mark)