Re: Re: Problems investing off plan


@paul wrote:

As explained on the phone, we have had a 3 year nightmare experience having trusted ****** and their recommended lawyers ***** in Marbella.

The sales staff and Managers lied to us about projected returns before completion, lied about the Building Licence delays, lied about what was not being built on adjacent ground, lied about values, specifications, costs involved, mortgage information,and a lot more and failed to point out the many pitfalls involved.The lawyers did not advise us on major implications in the contract either before asking us to make payments. They have a huge turnover of staff so speaking to the original people involved is very unlikely so there is no continuity. Some staff buy on the same developments and compete with clients when trying to re-sell. Some also try to pick up distressed sales from customers cheaply prior to completion. Looking back their sales tactics were quite pressurised, and once they had made the sales, they appeared to ditch us and had it not been for my persistance we would have had to complete on two apartments that they said they could sell on in months not the 3+ years it took.

I have met other investors of **** with similar experiences, and I would not recommend them or their lawyers to anyone. My phone number to compare experiences is 01580 242852.

Can you get in touch by e-mail or pm please? I would like ot exfchange info. Thanks.