Re: Re: Prior’s


I often wonder how this one, horrible case, now known to most of the sensible house-buying public has affected Spanish property prices and perhaps even the Spanish economy itself.

Vera council, a typical Spanish administration, may have been the initial culprits, but the Andalucian regional government, and the Spanish central government could have corrected an obvious injustice long, long ago, but they have chosen not to despite the worldwide indignation the case spawned.

It has amply illustrated that you cannot safely buy a property in Spain, and even guarantees at government level are valueless. Maybe that is why the Spanish government is now concentrating on Russia and China perhaps hoping that news of the Priors case hasn’t reached that far east.

You often hear Lo Siento in the street from ordinary people, but the words are not used at even the lowest administrative level, and the old boys in Sevilla would never use them to the guiris in their province. They don’t like them.