Re: Re: Prior’s



A good cartoonist should draw a picture of British OAP’s in their hard hats saying ‘Doris, back up the cement lorry just a bit more’…..

That’s what gets me when the Spanish say it…. the Brits went there and built on illegal land. Who built!? The builders were nearly always Spanish (well, immigrants doing the labouring in their flip flops…). Any Brits who did a self build probably jumped through hoops and paid through the nose in licences rubber stamped by the town hall…. ‘yes that’s ok, just pay x amount, oh and and another amount for this’….. I know a guy who had a bar who paid nearly 30k just in licences and then found out that most of the Spanish bars had only paid a quarter of that amount, if at all!

It’s true that Brits bought cheap, cheap being cheaper than in their home country but not cheap compared to the prices the Spanish paid….. 🙁

What makes me laugh is that whole urbanisations were built and the Junta didn’t notice anything….. no one said ‘oh blimey, look at all that building work going on’. !?? Opps, how did that all get there.