Re: Re: Prior’s



We lived in the town next to Vera and it’s true as Rocker says, very few Spaniards knew about it or cared about it. The foreigners went there with their money and thought they could tell them what to do…and now the money has dried up it’s all the foreigners fault again.

I thought that they had been offered a rental property but they turned it down for some reason? I think it may have been because they have dogs and the rental didn’t allow them or suchlike (correct me anyone if this is not the case as it was only hearsay).

I don’t understand why Vera don’t offer a new property, which they have so many of as the banks have embargoed everything… they could use some notes stashed at the town hall offices to buy a place….. and say ‘here’s a new house, now stop going on about it all’.

But, I think a lot of it is the fight for justice for all who have illegal houses….. to keep it in the news. But, is it just in the Daily Mail and local expat papers? Does anyone else really care, I sadly think not. Most in the UK will say ‘well they left, they got what they deserved for living the high life in a flash villa’ or else complete indifference. There is more simpathy for a non Brit who has a tough time in the UK than for the Priors?

There are sadly so many Brits who are stuck out there (as I know from being in the Almeria region, just search Albox and Arboleas and see the scale of it). There are older people who are going to die of old age before the illegal builds situation gets sorted. It’s been a real dream smasher…. so sad. So many people didn’t go to Spain to speculate and make a quick buck. Many sold up in the UK to move there to retire with the sun on their bones and now they have a house without paperwork which they can’t sell or even hand over to anyone as an inheritance. I really hope that now there is a Brit in the Arboleas council that he’ll be able to get things rolling sooner. The corruption and blatant cruelty in the way things were done should be highlighted. It should also be highlighted that most Brits bought from Brit estate agents…of whom we still hear nothing??