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@chopera wrote:

I’m afraid to say that the Priors’ case is completely unheard of to 99% of the Spanish, let alone the Russians, Chinese, etc

I’m not so sure that’s true, the case was exposed in the major Spanish newspapers as well, but the rest of Spain are so fed up with the stench from Andalucia, especially Marbella, they try to ignore it.

Unfortunately, there is little sympathy for the foreigners involved, like the Priors. Spanish people tend to, perversely, think that the horrible corruption shambles down there was initially caused by the foreigners wanting to live in a beautiful, but unspoilt part of southern Spain, the poorer part of the country.

The foreign Ricos came and corrupted their officials, without the despised Ricos, this would not have happened and that lovely part of their country would still have been as it was 60 years ago. Piss poor, but lovely for holidays.

As I said, it’s perverse thinking, most of it.