Re: Re: Principled gesture



By chance, I caught part of a BBC2 programme earlier which compared our benefit system in the UK for users and abusers, or something similar.

A deserving young single mum got all sorts of weird benefits to allow her to set herself up in her own home and then return to work.

The abuser, I was going to state her nationality but it would only open another discussion, used the system’s generosity to defraud the country out of millions.

Spain lacks the opportunities for users and abusers alike, if you’re in real need there is little to help you apart from family, friends and charities. In the UK an entire system exists purely to help people, the welfare state.

Which is where the EU comes into its own once again, at least in theory. 27 wise heads are better than just one or two, and if they all got together properly the injustices (the ease in which it is cheated) and the injustices at the other end (where there isn’t a safety net) could be addressed rationally.

Spain’s debtor laws are medieval for ordinary people, yet allow the banks and property developers to file for administration at the drop of a hat, without any detrimental effect on the directors, the real crooks.