Re: Re: Principled gesture



@logan. You may recall the song ” Its a self preservation society “” that is what it is. The Ombudsman etc do have a function. There remit is very narrow and are not held in high esteem by the people.

The English prefer to moan & than to sulk they go for a pint. This lack of direct action means that the bodies get away with impunity. The only time I saw a serious disorder was the Poll tax riots. A grossly in equatable tax & even the lady not known for turning had to turn.

I recall a few summers ago the truckers were protesting against the fuel cost. The protest was in July/August on a Sunday. The modus of the protest was to bring their family to Hyde park for a day of picnic. Yeppppppp revolution/changes are brought by the mighty a cucumber sandwitches in the park. ( Pretamanger take note ) It is not surprising that they are taken for a ride consistantly by all parties.