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It’s not widely known how much transaction prices (not asking prices) have actually fallen.

In San Cugat, a respectable residential area near Barcelona, prices are down more than 60pc, based on the figures from a trustworthy estate agent (they do exist). It’ll be the same story all over Spain, but you are unlikely to read about it in the press.

Even if you could read about it in the press, will it ever filter through to the hordes arriving in Spain to escape the things they want to escape from back home?

To confine myself to the Brits, I should say British prospective expats, sorry, they want to escape the atrocious weather, horrible foreigners blighting their lives, a useless government with an even more useless Chancellor who has totally lost the plot with his misunderstanding of basic economics.

You show those people a house in the sun, with the beach just down the road, flamenco music ringing in their ears, and they’ll buy it.

Actually, the point that house prices have fallen, is an attraction for many…”What, I can buy a 4 bedroomed place, with pool, for a third of what my London abode costs??”
You have to stress the extra costs they will end up paying.
Also point out that renting is also very cheap in Spain, so no need for them to buy a place – take their time and look around…