Re: Re: Price uncertainty is main reason for delaying purchase


Hot weather if great but when it gets to July and August and there is shopping/gardening/cleaning to be done the heat gets you down. Many stay indoors with the A/C on. Our neighbours young children were sent to play in the basement so it’s not all perfect. My favourite months in Spain were June and September. someitmes Oct although can be very rainy too. Many Brits seem to have the impression that Spain has wall to wall sunshine.

As for bargains, I haven’t seen many close to where we lived. Unless you live on the spot it is hard to recognise the bottom or upturn. Best to choose your location first, then rent for a while. I know someone who looked for ages. Started on the CDS, then Almeria, finally bought the cheapest they could find in Murcia. They thought they had a bargain but they hate it now. Better a small place in the location you knoiw and like than a mansion in some one hick pueblo.