Re: Re: Price uncertainty is main reason for delaying purchase


I agree with most of what you say Gary but one thing I have high doubts about is the “social security” one. Isn’t your system basicly built on the foundation on that the population will be at constant growth like most other countries? I don’t see a pay as you go system to actually work in the long run since it will be overused by one generation and then suddenly the next generation will have far less and still pay for the ones actually being retired still for a bunch of years. It’s not a fair system in my eyes.

But I agree that Wall street have had a lot of buttons pressed to force people into investing in the stock markets. They revamped our pension system over here in that way but now you can at least see that it won’t become a bigger drain on the rest in the long run.

Most americans that has moved to Sweden “ain’t a lot of them I know” do it mainly because of marriage to a swede but they really seem to enjoy it here. They seem to have it really easy to compete on the job market and the ones that don’t just start their own business and do fairly well in whatever field they get into. You guys just seem to have a much better relationship to society and don’t just expect everything handed to you on a silverplate. If thats what your stress has caused you we might actually need a dose of it in europe too since we will just loose out to the chinese otherwise. They seem to complain less about our taxes than what we ourselves do. To raise a family I can see why one might like our system but for the rest it’s meeh.

I have a kind of love hate relationship to the US. Love it for the most parts and that also goes for most americans but I have big problems with your government which in my eyes is just getting worse and worse for every year that goes by.