Re: Re: Price uncertainty is main reason for delaying purchase


Europe needs less socialism and more Americana, the better bits of course such as self reliance and the work ethic. The healthcare systems of Spain and France are draining the countries resources.

Welfare spending particularly in UK and France is out of control. Millions of people have grown up with the idea they actually have a choice either to work or allow the state to keep them and their families. In France living on substantial welfare is considered a right and many choose it as a preference.

I agree Europeans suffer less from paranoia from world events than Americans. Largely because they travel more in the world, suffered two world wars and understand human behaviour a little better through a broader education. European societies are not a wash with guns as a means of self defence in the same way as America.

In the recent Boston bombing and shootings I was struck by the way people came out on the streets celebrating their capture.
Almost as a collective demonstration of relief. That would never happen in Europe. We would shrug our shoulders and get on with life. In my view that incident reflects how grown up we are in comparison to America.