Re: Re: Press articles about the Spanish property situation


@angie wrote:

boothy, it’s still not a buyer’s market for Brits even if they have cash because of the poor exchange rate, no saving whatsoever 🙄 eg Spanish property prices fell say 40%, Sterling fell 40% too, so Brits can’t clean up in Spain ❗ Those that do buy in Spain could still find it a risky investment!

Only good for those with Euros and/or Black money to launder if you can:wink:

I disagree, but only for London and the south-east, and for those looking to retire early in the sun. If properties have remained way over-valued (and they have in London) it means someone in East London (or Islington or Clapham) can sell their 2/3 bedroom house for say £400k and buy a 2/3 retirement place for < 100k in many parts of coastal Spain – I'm not talking Marbella of course, but who would choose to pay double just for the status value? Of course it won't be ideal for everyone, but for those who are familiar with Spain and can speak a little Spanish, it is definitely a buyer's market.
Not as an “investment” either – I’m afraid the property bubble is bursting everywhere – but as a place to live.