Re: Re: Press articles about the Spanish property situation


@katy wrote:

Not as optimistic as the FT one yesterday, however, it isn’t based on rent a quote estate agents :mrgreen:

I agree, it’s quite a well-balanced article. For example the last paragraph:

The Costa boom is over. The empty houses and urbanisations carry ever-reducing price-tags. For those expats battered by the economic storms when all they sought was a little quiet sun the choices are stark: stay and make the best of it – al-fresco eating and fresh fish included – or head home to an uncertain future in a land that now looks rather less kindly on new arrivals.

Lower property prices are good news for prospective buyers, but a huge worry for those wanting to jump ship. Same in the UK outside the south-east, although at least here you can rent out to housing benefit claimants and get the rent paid. It must be very stressful for those who have to head back to the UK, where the economic situation is also worsening, yet a glass of wine or a beer costs nearly £4 (the article implies a lot of expats are big drinkers 😉 ).