Re: Re: Press articles about the Spanish property situation


Shame on us all indeed Gary, but more so on the greed of those in power who have let situations get so out of hand.

Foraging, no, scavenging, is what many Greeks now have to do, even Americans in New York and other cities of the US, I believe it goes on in London as well, it’s something that many in Asia and all over the World have done for all their lives.

As the rich get richer, as they avoid and evade their taxes, the World’s hungry still suffer and never gets sorted.

What annoys me is that Politicians all over the World know it goes on, occasionally pay lip-service to earn brownie points, then give aid to countries like Russia, China and India although they spend billions on Space programmes. The tinpot African Heads take such aid as well but this goes into their palaces and jets and bling too while most are starving.

Spain is heading that way with tomorrow’s further austerity measures whilst Rajoy and cronies live the high life. 👿