Re: Re: Press articles about the Spanish property situation


Nothing new. We have been here before. The system need major surgery, drip feeding will not help.
The society needs to realise that the only free roof over their head is the Sky.

It cost real money and as such the real economic cost of providing housing has to be accepted wheter it is provoded by the state or private sector and in the real world there is no such thing as subsidised accomodation.

The policy/law that is being talked about, is to fire fight the situation of shifting the unsold properties. As usual the focus is wrong besides what will happen in future when the current unsold stock of properties haver shifted ???

Spain, is in its current situation for nearly four years now. It still does not get it that all & sundry system needs to be uplifted big time and in a co ordinated, jointed manner. A must to run a EU Country. The politicians have a great opoprtunity to do what it takes and can place the blame on EU. Never a better time. The recent past Spanish history sugguest this will not be done. The people in power needs Cajones, vision, resove & direction.