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Who is the troll debatable. No one is denying the right of chopera to comment. I just suspect you are like those on twitter who get paid for “name dropping”

Tell me more! I use Twitter a lot, but never heard of being paid for “name dropping”. Sounds pretty unlikely given the 100s of millions of tweets a day, but I’ll be grateful if you could prove me wrong! Have to admit I’d be tempted (if it paid well)!

Funnily enough I saw a story today about a Spanish startup based in Alicante that does this – well something similar, in that it grants you discounts that save you cash.

On the other side of the Twitter payment spectrum is ChattyBuy who is turning people’s tweets into cash, well at least legitimate discounts saving you cash. ChattyBuy is based in Alicante Spain, where they’ve already partnered with merchants and social media mavens to create a platform that, in some capacity pays you to Tweet, in discounts.

Even more interesting is the fact the ceo of ChattyBuy is a Scot Alex Aitkenhead. Who’d have thought it, a Scot devising something to save money. 😉