Re: Re: Press articles about the Spanish property situation



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Pierre-Alban Waters
I enable expats to move to Madrid zen via a leading blog, innovative products and relocation services they can afford and relate to. French&British. Entrepreneur. Rugby player.

These links from people with a vested interest are getting tedious, give the forum members a bit of credit for their intelligence!

Well he would say that wouldn’t he 😆

I think you’re mistaken, as his site (from what I have seen) earns money from the renting side – it’s not in his interest to see people buy a place – he’s not an estate agent.

Plus, I suspect a few here have vested interests. Doesn’t really matter if he is speaking the truth? It’s the people who claim to know everything but then display ignorance that amuses me 🙄

But, as I mentioned, it would be good to see what Chopera thinks of the analysis.