Re: Re: Press articles about the Spanish property situation



@shakeel wrote:

We await chopera’s posting. The agent may be baised towards renting. One cannot rent if one does not own & one cannot own until one buys.

I do however agree that prices has to be 2002 level all over Spain. There are exceptionas e,g Bario Salamanca & Artura Soria comes to mind.

I suspect a lot of central Madrid zones – Malasuena, Moncloa, Latina, even Lavapies will keep up high prices simply because of the demand for rentals from people working in the capital. If I were a lot richer I’d look at parts of the north – Hortaleza or Mirasierra, but they are out of my price range.
Alcala de Henares may be a possibility, or we may even rent for a bit (although I suspect I will bow to pressure to move closer to the coast). But with the renting thing I’m just scared that all this bailout money and QE pumping into economies will one day unleash high inflation.