Re: Re: Press articles about the Spanish property situation


@katy wrote:

Have to confess I haven’t read it when I saw who he was. Do you really think all this stuff you are putting on will convince people to move to Spain with 25% unemployment and the country facing bankruptcy?

Are you for real 😆 ? I’m not trying to convince people to move to Spain (against my own interest actually, I’d sooner the bitter vindictive people like you and Angie stick to the UK), but I am showing opportunities in the other thread.

I think the article I linked to had quite valid points about Madrid, based on my previous knowledge of the place, so would like to get other feedback from others (like Chopera) who currently live there.

Not sure why you’re trolling Katy – aren’t you the Marbella queen? Why do you get so uptight ( jealousy?) when Madrid is mentioned?