Re: Re: Press articles about the Spanish property situation


@katy wrote:

How would anyone know if someone involved in property is speaking the truth. His site gives a fee as a property finder which is about the same as an agent in having an “interest”. Like his about me…he went to Madrid in Sept 2008 (less than 4 years ago) got fluent (his words) and got a job after 6 months…as you do 😆 😆

Well he does seem to know what he’s talking about – I notice you’ve not actually contradicted anything he said.
Unless of course Chopera can spread his wisdom on the subject. I’d be very interested to see Madrid prices slip back to 1999 levels but I can’t see it happening , at least not in the main city part (by which I mean not outlying commuter towns). I wonder what Alcobendas will develop in terms of pricing though

Incidentally I went to Madrid twice and got work within a few days, it’s a city with opportunities for native English speakers. If anything he was slacking in taking 6 months.. It’s not the CDS you know.