Re: Re: Press articles about the Spanish property situation


‘narrow and insular perspective’ is what I would call the agents’ view currently as they are the ones doing the selling so whatever the market they are going to hype things to some extent and please don’t say they won’t! 😡 It’s disingenuous (in fact a b—-y cheek) to describe us who’ve had experience of being ripped off by those so called larger agents as ‘narrow and insular’, some of these agents have re-invented themselves having gone bust, and there’s plenty about these agents if you Google search them and enter Scams by such and such company or their personal name etc!!!!! 👿

Says it all ’12 nationalities buying each month’ but I’d qualify that and say ‘now is definitely not the time for Brits to buy in Spain’, it might suit Euro holders but not Sterling holders! However, now is the time for many Brits to sell Spanish property as 1000’s are trying to do as they are fed up with this ‘dream’, but strangely enough many cannot sell because the market is shot.

‘For some, it is the perfect time to buy’, yes Euro holders or those seeking a change of lifestyle and don’t mind the wait if it goes wrong!

We know Chris keeps saying the Euro won’t go, this won’t happen etc etc but he’s no expert on such matters when there’s plenty of financial gurus who say it could happen, he doesn’t have the last word on World financial crisis, but he does have a strong vested interest some might say ‘narrow and insular’ 😆

Everything ‘sells’ they say at the right price, but who in their right mind would want to buy some of this c–p that’s out dated, unfinished, poorly built, as many developments are in Spain, even urban, a bit like Sessena, unless you’re a worker in Madrid? 😡