Re: Re: Press articles about the Spanish property situation


@Chris McCarthy wrote:

Indeed and they were right, for the right people it was the right time.

Again, not everyone views buying a home in Spain from the extremely narrow and insular perspective that this forum often projects.


Wow! “extremely narrow and insular perspective”. So who is the clarevoyant who opens our eyes?

One thing is for sure: I am not neccesarily interested in buying but I am following some places like around Salobrena-Almunecar,
Peniscola-Alcossebre and around Calpe. As compared to say 2009-2010, prices in Euros for the same apartments are now about 30% lower in Peniscola and 25% lower in other places. As Pound was almost even with Euros in 2010, In Pound they are about 45% and 40% lower than then.

I repeat, I refer to the same type of apartments.

Of course there are always people who need to buy and some exist every week. But if there is no rush, then it is much better to wait till the turmoil finishes.