Re: Re: Press articles about the Spanish property situation


Rent!!!!!! If my Dad had come down and rented for 9 months he would have spent around six thousand euros. He didn’t as I said what a great idea it would be for him to move down here and buy. He didn’t like it and work hardly started on his ‘project’ out in the countryside. I wish, wish, wish, wish, wish!!! that he had rented first for a decent time to see if he liked it enough. His rental place where he was only supposed to be whilst work finished the cortijo, was freezing cold in winter and over the past month like an oven.

If he had rented he would still have 40,000 euros in his account and wouldn’t have spent 5000 euros getting all his things down here and now 5000 euros for a lorry to take it all back. Hindsight is a great thing. Try before you buy so that we can all have a clear conscience that those buying do so knowing what they are letting themselves in for.