Re: Re: Press articles about the Spanish property situation


@DBMarcos99 wrote:

So many unsold new and resale homes, high completion costs, poor exchange rates for Brits, Eurozone worries etc etc make it highly unsafe for Brits to buy in Spain now

Lower prices and the increasing purchase power of the pound make it an attractive time to buy in Spain, if it’s a place to live in, surely?

I like the comment on this link (although they may find they end up spending on air con what they save on heating)

My council tax for a three bed semi in Scotland is €1647. My IBI in Murcia for a similar 3 bed semi is €123. I also pay €1668 per year for Electricity and Gas in Scotland. I’m in the process of moving to Spain. Can you work out why?

That’s not typical though. In most places the IBI has been revised and theirs could be in the process. In addition most places have urbanisation fees eg. We paid 1300€ IBI and 870€ Urbanisation fees for services that the Council should have been providing anyway. Fuel bills are like for like. Electricity/logs are more expensive in Spain.