Re: Re: Press articles about the Spanish property situation



by who though? Youngsters I guess? Those of our age (mid 30’s) or a bit younger have already signed up for our lifetime to a big mortgage.

I guess those lucky enough to have dumped their previous high cost place? I know a couple who handed the keys back to their duplex and their parents then paid peanuts for another one. Lucky them.

Or else everyone is going to buy to let and rent out to….. all the immigrants who handed their keys back to the banks?

So, I agree that the prices then might be right but who is out there to pay? Maybe in a fantastic beach resort but the thousands and thousands of flats in towns (such as ours) are going to be empty for years/decades?? Why don’t they just bite the bullet and knock down 50% of the empty blocks and create a bit of demand rather than excess? Make the banks and constructors who gained so much in the boom pay for their errors?