Re: Re: Press articles about the Spanish property situation


Well, I’m making my next attempt to purchase something in Barcelona sometime mid-April.

Asking prices are falling and I’m hoping to get something at a reasonable price. I understand the risk of further deflated prices and I will use that in negotiations. But I’m also prepared not to buy.

I may need some help with getting a mortgage. I was looking to put 50% down, but I’m thinking that it may be better to only put 20-30% as a down payment. Any thoughts? Also, let me know if there are any reputable mortgage brokers I can deal with. And Mark, I’m not sure of what you do and if you are interested in business from a non-gazillionaire.

PS: I already have some appointments to view aticos when I arrive. But just in case anyone here knows of something, I’m looking for

    an atico with a good-size terrace,
    minimum 3 bedrooms,
    ideally 2 bathrooms,
    ideally larger kitchen for a table,
    close to transportation (metro),
    close to a good mercado,
    in the following neighborhoods: Example right, left, Poble Nou, Villa Olympica, Clot, Sagrada Familia, and possibly Montjuic and Gracia.

I’ve seen just about everything on Idealista and Fotocasa.

What do I want to pay? As little as possible. I’d like to keep the hipoteca 800euros/month but hopefully less. Anything that can be purchased for under 400k euros. PS: I should add that while I strive to be ‘nice’ – I can be an absolute ass when in negotiations.