Re: Re: Press articles about the Spanish property situation

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We shall see about Putin. There have been several hyped myths over the years. La Zagaleta is nice but there are a lot on sale and the views aren’t as stunning as they used to be due to nearby developments. The stuff about rejecting Beckham, Julio sounds very much over-hyped. Julio has a msassive country estate close to where I lived (met him once when I was walking the dogs, he was on a quad bike also saw him in the local farmacía) his place is far better than Zagaleta. Someone at our golf club lives in Zagaleta, a very down to earth Yorkshireman, a fat cat who bought some of british Gas subsidaries. Tell me why they would let him in and a Dutch pop star but not Julio who is revered throughout Spain 😆

File it away with all the place Bill Gates is going to buy :mrgreen:

Just had look at the article, one of the people who is named as living there has been dead over 2 years. Plane crash in South America and implicated in various frauds…who voted him in then. Perhaps the Iranian who is implicated in the ballena Blanca corruption case 😆