Re: Re: Press articles about the Spanish property situation


@DBMarcos99 wrote:

One other thing about that article – I didn’t realise there were now flats on sale for between 60k and 100k in Madrid city (ok to the south, the north is generally ssen as more desirable). At the right price I may choose my retirement flat in Madrid instead of Valencia, but that depends on convincing my partner who prefers being near the sea.

Yes a quick look on idealista shows a few flats in that price range, but if you refine the search for flats bigger than 60m2 and with a lift then they soon disappear. But it’s still better than the boom years when there was absolutely nothing below €100k. I know a few people in their 50s who have taken semi-retirement and hang around Madrid teaching English. It’s not a bad lifestyle (provided you’ve got other income streams) since it keeps you occupied (without being stressed) and you get to be part of a vibrant city. I like the sea as well but I always felt that if I retired there I’d get a bit bored. Although I’m sure Valencia has enough going on to keep people busy.