Re: Re: Press articles about the Spanish property situation


Heh, this chappy seems a bit narked! Don’t suppose he should worry about the Telegraph comments page, if he is in fact selling those properties

I just thought you might like to know who is buying property in Spain at the moment. The reason I wanted to do this is that I placed a comment in an article on the Daily Telegraph about Ireland. Everyone started having a downer on Spain and the other, so called PIIGS, so I thought I would defend the country a little by stating facts rather than opinions from internet warriors probably still living in their mum’s houses. 😉

Over the last four or five months I have had clients from 16 countries visiting and looking at buying in Spain. The list is as follows;

China, Japan, Sweden, France, Switzerland, The United States, Canada, South Africa, Spain (Yes even the Spanish), Australia, Holland, Belgium, Egypt, Italy and finally the United Kingdom and even one Latvian client.

(And yes some of them have developed into clients by having placed a deposit or bought already)

Don’t believe me if you don’t like facts. It seems that the readers of the Telegraph didn’t as my comment was reported and removed.