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Dutch web travel company

At the risk of being pedantic, is a subsidiary of the Nasdaq listed (PCLN) corporation. It is thus American rather than Dutch. Their European HQ is in Amsterdam but that is it.

Not that it matters either way (it’s good news in that it’s bringing jobs to Barcelona), but the info in Wikipedia suggests it was a Dutch firm that became an acquisition of Priceline. Either way, they are choosing to invest in Barcelona.
Harrods was owned until recently by an Egyptian, but it was/is still described as a British department store.

Priceline is the parent company of the European organization Established in 1996, is the world’s leading online hotel reservations agency by room nights sold, attracting over 30 million unique visitors each month via the Internet from both leisure and business markets worldwide.[12] offers many types of property, ranging from small independent hotels to a five star luxury through The website is available in 41 languages and offers over 240,000 hotels in 167 countries.